ZIG Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pen 90 Set


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The complete 90 colour set (includes 1 colourless blender) from the ZIG Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush Pen-series.You get ALL colours from this series in this set, and with the colourless blender, transitions will be a breeze. This pen is just like painting with a real brush due to its bristle nylon tip! Blending these colours is super easy due to them being filled with water based dye ink. This also makes them work really well with water. Perfect for illustrations, sketches, brush lettering and bullet journals. These pens also work super well for adding tiny details. Tip! Use the ZIG Clean Color Real Brush on to top of Stylefile Markers, to create seamless shadows! We also sell Zig Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush as single pens and smaller sets.

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