Uni Posca Markers Street Art Metal Box 20 set


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Posca set inspired by and made with the collaboration of three illustrators and street artists (Berthet, Bebar and Weane). The set comes in a handy metal box and includes 20 Posca markers. It also includes a colouring page that you can colour or draw inspiration from. The Posca markers are filled with water-based ink that is permanent once dry. The colours are completely opaque, which means you can layer light colours over darks, and even use them on coloured paper or very dark backgrounds.

These are the markers included in the set: 6 x PC-1M (Blue, Violet, Grey, Black, Gold, Ivory), 7 x PC-3M (Dark Brown, Fuchsia, Black, White, Slate Grey, Khaki Green, Dark Red) and 7 x PC-5M (Apple Green, Fluo Orange, Fluo Red, Fluo Pink, Fluo Yellow, Sky Blue, Aqua Green). Check out our entire range of Posca markers here.