Tombow Have Fun At Home Watercoloring Set


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Water-based brush pens are a flexible and easy alternative for the traditional watercolours and brushes. In this set from Tombow, you get everything you need from the first sketch, to finished work of art. This set has everything you need, and it’s even 30% off! We’ll only have these for a limited time period, so don’t wait too long to get it! It’s a perfect gift for someone you love, or yourself!

The set includes:
7 x ABT Dual Brush Pens: 055, 277, 555, 565, 673, 725, N15
2 x refillable water brushes
1 x Fineliner MONO drawing pen with a line width 03
1 x MONO Graph Mechanical Pencil
1 x MONO Dust Catch Eraser
1 x Blending palette
1 x Aquarelle paper pad.

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