Tombow Have Fun At Home Pastels Set


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Superdeal for the Tombow and pastel lovers! (and who doesn’t like pastel colours?!) This set includes 10 of the super popular Tombow ABT Dual Brush pens in beautiful pastel colours, 7 Twin Tone pens, one Tombow Fineliner and a pad of high quality Bristol Paper. We will have these sets available for a limited time only and with 30% off too, so don’t wait too long if you just have to have it!

The set includes the following Tombow products:
10 x Tombow ABT Dual Brush Pens: 062, 243, 451, 553, 623, 673, 761, 772, 910 and N95
7 x Tombow Twin Tone Brush Pens: WS-PK21, 49, 61, 73, 78, 83, 86
1 x Tombow MONO Fineliner Drawing Pen, line width 03
1 x Tombow A4 Bristol paper drawing pad.