Tombow ABT PRO Dual Brush Pen, Single Markers


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The Tombow ABT PRO is an alcohol-based design marker with dual tips: it features a soft nylon tip on one side, and a wider tip on the other. The pen is of the same style as Copic, Stylefile, and Promarkers pens, perfectly built for illustrations, manga, comic strips, product or architectural drawings, and much more. The alcohol-based ink can even be used in multiple layers to create various effects, shadows, and gradations. For even better colour transitions, you should also check out the alcohol-based Tombow ABT PRO Colorless blender. Tombow ABT PRO pens are available in 107 different colours and should be stored horizontally.

Please note! The Tombow ABT PRO pens should not be confused with the extremely popular water-based Tombow ABT Brush pens.

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