Molotow Sketcher Twin Marker 12 Set Grey Kit 1


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12-pack with Molotow Sketchers, a water-based twin-tip marker with the same qualities as alcohol-based alternatives (Copic, Stylefile, Promarker and more). However, the ink has a number of advantages, such as not bleeding so easily through the paper and being odor free. Furthermore, the markers are filled with Molotow’s Aqua Pro Ink which has a high lightfastness and dries quickly. The marker body itself is triangular, which means that it fits well in the hand and does not roll around on the desk. The markers are made in Germany from 95% recycled plastic and can be refilled with a simple and ingenious refilling system. Molotow Sketchers has a cartridge system that allows you to easily refill/or switch the color in your markers. The refills are available in 120 different colors and with three different types of tips (bullet, broad and brush).

This set contains the colors: NG540 Neutral Grey 1, NG545 Neutral Grey 2, NG550 Neutral Grey 3, NG555 Neutral Grey 4, NG560 Neutral Grey 5, NG565 Neutral Grey 6, WG570 Warm Grey 1, WG575 Warm Grey 2, WG580 Warm Grey 3, WG585 Warm Grey 4, WG590 Warm Grey 5, WG595 Warm Grey 6 and the markers have a brush and broad tip.
These Molotow Sketcher sets come in a nice cylindrical box with a transparent lid that can be used for storage on the desk.

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