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The first Uni Posca markers was produced in 1983 and they quickly became popular among illustrators and artists. The markers are filled with water-resistant opaque paint. Unlike alcohol-based pens the color does not bleed through the paper and the colors perfectly covers over each other. Posca markers is suitable for most surfaces including glass, metal, wood and more, and the paint is water and UV-resistant when dry. The numerous possibilities made the Uni Posca markers popular for all kinds of creative expression, from scrapbooking and crafting to graffiti and street art.

  • Uni Posca Marker PC-1MD Do! 0.7 mm

  • Uni Posca Marker PC-1M, Extra Fine 0.7 mm

  • Uni Posca Marker PC-5M, Medium 2.5 mm

  • Uni Posca Markers PC-3M, 8set

  • Uni Posca Markers PC-5M, 8set

  • Uni Posca PCF-350 Brush Marker

  • Uni Posca Marker PC-8K, Broad 8 mm

  • Uni Posca Marker PC-1MR, Ultra Fine 0.7 mm

  • Uni Posca Marker PC-17K, Extra Broad 15 mm

  • Uni Posca Marker PC-3M, Fine 1.3 mm

  • Uni Posca Markers PC-3M, 15set

  • Uni Posca Markers PC-5M, 15set

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